Should you have any questions or concerns about Canadian immigration, we are there to assist you and guide you towards your personal goal.

You have rights. We can help.

We understand that this process will be determinative of your family’s future and this is why we take the success of your file at heart. Our team will help you go through and around the difficulties of the immigration process whatever your situation may be.

Our strength is our personalized approach and making sure that you are fully aware of all your available options. Our sensitive approach will be adapted to your personal needs and expectations. We offer services in French, English and Spanish.

Our services:

  • Asylum cases
  • Visas
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • All extensions
  • Family sponsorships
  • Skilled Worker programs
  • Provincial nominee programs
  • Business and Investment programs
  • Citizenship applications
  • Appeal process for all negative immigration decision
  • Loss of status
  • Management of exceptional cases

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Me Étienne Sonea - Immigration Lawyer

Justice is too often disconnected from the practice of law. Immigration lawyer Me Étienne Sonea will work to protect your rights, preserve your status within Canada, and facilitate your arrival and integration into the country. For Me Étienne Sonea, justice means equal rights; the right to be heard, the right to a second chance, and the right to reunited with your family. 

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