Will the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) be conducting an evaluation into your child's welfare? Do you have a child below the age of 18 in trouble with the law?

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Director of Youth Protection (DYP)

  • Family members, educators, and police can make a report to the DYP if they are concerned that a child's security or development may be in danger;
  • If a family consents to entering into an agreement with the DYP, they may accept to respect certain voluntary measures, such as family therapy or periodic reports to the DYP;
  • This agreement is valid for a maximum of one (1) year at which time a review is conducted;
  • In absence of an agreement between the parents and the DYP, a judge of the Court of Quebec will be obligated to impose the measures he or she sees fit in considering the welfare of your child.


Certain measures of protection may be put in place during a DYPs evaluation. During that time, a child may:

  • remain with its family;
  • be placed with members of the extended family;
  • be placed with a foster family; or
  • be placed in a group home.


Young offenders

Is personal possession of marijuana legal? Can a sip of alcohol lead to the loss of your driver's license? Can a school-yard fight lead to a criminal record? If so, how long will it last, who will be able to see it, and under what circumstances?

When it comes to young offenders, under the age of 18, there are many procedural and sentencing particularities. We can help you and your family navigate this judicial process while aiming to reduce the risk of reoffending.